235 Ithica Gin Rd

Villa Rica, GA 30180

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We Are A Full Mechanic And Body Shop Offering, Paint Jobs, Brakes, Starters, Exhaust, Suspension, Converters, Radiators, Oil Changes, Fuel Pumps, Water Pumps, AC, Heater, Tune-Ups, Transmissions, Engine Replacement and More!

Body shop

Mayfield Built Garage & Bodyshop

We believe quality workmanship must be combined with courteous and professional service. Our management and staff are dedicated to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Mayfield Built is an independent body shop that allows time necessary to do the job right. Unlike many of our competitors that focus on completing the project as quickly as possible, Quality is ours. We rely on our pristine reputation, it’s like we always say “we will be here tomorrow, to stand behind the work we did today.” 

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(770) 459-4828


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